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About Me  

I’m not about finger clicking or telling you to ‘sleeeeeep’ – ha! My approach is modern and effective and clients say that they love how well listened to they feel with me as well as the amazing results they achieve.

My name is Chloe Brotheridge and I’m a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist and professionally trained business and personal coach, registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy. I’m the author of The Anxiety Solution, published by Penguin in Feb 2017. I am caring and professional and enjoy great results. My aim is to get you the best results in the shortest time, usually in around 6 sessions.

I help people with anxiety, confidence, public speaking, stress, and sleep issues.

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I don’t offer one session quick fixes; change can take time, but still only a matter of weeks rather than months.  I get right to the root of what’s holding you back so that change is lasting and life changing.

I use hypnotherapy to help you to make changes to your thoughts, feelings, habits or behaviours. Hypnotherapy is safe and natural; it feels just like daydreaming. In this state, your mind is able to take on board new ways of thinking and feeling at a deep level. These changes happen easily and permanently.

I’m also a qualified nutritionist and worked within the NHS for several years helping people to make positive changes to their diet, lose weight and improve their health.

By helping you to make changes at a subconscious level, it is possible to transform your life for the better.

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I am registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy, the largest professional body in the UK, and I subscribe to their code of ethics.

I can also help you with techniques to take away and work with at home, such as self hypnosis and the emotional freedom technique, a way or releasing negative emotions.