Calm Workplace

Stress and Anxiety Management at Work

Having relaxed employees can mean they’re happier, more productive, more focused and more likely to stick around.

Stress is the number one cause of long term absence from work (CIPD) with stress at work claims costing companies up to £500,000 in court. Eek!

work stress Often, simply providing a counselling service to employees is not enough, because by then they are already affected by their stress levels. Preventing stress in the first place is key.

One in 5 people suffer with workplace stress – are your employees amongst them? Almost certainly.

My ‘Calm Workplace’ programme can help you as an employer to meet your legal requirement to protect employees from work related stress and can also provide a number of other benefits;

– Boost morale and mood
– Increase productivity and focus- Reduce sick days

– Form part of your stress management strategy and reduce risk of litigation
– Improve motivation and commitment
– Reduced costs – such as sick pay, sickness cover, overtime and recruitment

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stress management at workI have a proven track record of helping people to manage their stress and use a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP and coaching techniques to help clients to reduce stress, develop better coping skills and become more positive and productive.

Options range from one off taster sessions, to 4 or 6 session packs spread weekly or monthly.

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stress management at work

“Already after the first session I left feeling very calm and serene. I am amazed how much you can achieve in just a few sessions and I would definitely say that it has had a lasting effect.” ~ Cara, London

My first session focused on stress, anxiety and worry and I found Chloe friendly, professional and easy to talk to. This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and I was astonished when I noticed a change in my negative thinking habits literally on the way home. After two days, I felt completely calm and relaxed.” ~ Olivia Ebeling, Journalist

“I’d been held back for a long time by feelings of anxiety and a lack of self-confidence and was surprised at how immediate the effects of the sessions with Chloe were, starting with a good nights sleep. As well as the initial improvements I now feel as if I have a toolkit that enables me to achieve balance in my life on a day-to-day basis. Gaining control of my mind has enabled me to start enjoying life again free from irrational worry and anxiety.  My only regret is not having tried hypnotherapy years ago!” ~ Paul P, London