Choosing the Best Hypnotherapist for You

People often worry about choosing a hypnotherapist, since you’ll want to find the best hypnotherapist to ensure you get the good results.

Choosing any kind of therapist can be a challenge. There are times when I might refer a client on to a different type of therapist and unless someone is known personally or I have a recommendation from someone else, it can be hard to choose which one is going to be the most suitable.

It’s quite common for people to be held back from pursuing hypnotherapy (or any kind of therapy) because they’re worried about making the right choice.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best hypnotherapist (or any kind of therapist for that matter)

  • Much of the success of any type of therapy comes from the relationship that you have with the therapist. Choosing someone that you feel understands you and who you can open up to, trust and feel comfortable with, is really important. Having good rapport with the therapist is often a marker for success in therapy.
  • Have a good in depth chat over the phone or face to face with the therapist. Ask lots of questions and ask them to tell you about what it’s like working with them. Like me, therapists will often offer a free phone call or face to face consultation to help clients to decide if I’m the right therapist for them.
  • Ask around for recommendations from friends or colleagues, or look into testimonials from a third party source like these on Google +. That way you can be sure the testimonials are genuine.
  • Try to choose a hypnotherapist who specialises in what you want to work on – for example anxiety, smoking or weight loss.
  • Have a healthy dose of scepticism around hypnotherapists that promise magical results in very few sessions. Often, change can take time and it will vary from person to person. Also, results from any type of therapy are never guaranteed.
  • Finally, hypnotherapists often have different techniques and approaches, so if you don’t have success with one at first, it is always worth trying another who you may have more success with.

I wish you loads of luck!



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