Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

hypnotherapy for anxiety  Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

I am a specialist in helping people with anxiety and I get fantastic success rates. I’m the author of the UK’s top selling anxiety book The Anxiety Solution.

You can read over 55+ 5 star reviews on my Google+ Page

Anxiety is exhausting. Are you constantly worried? Do you have racing thoughts? Panic? Do you find it hard to switch off? Hypnotherapy for anxiety offers a fast and effective solution. There is no finger clicking, of pendulum swinging, just relaxation, and excellent results.

I’d love to help you to live a calmer life, where you’re free to enjoy things without excessive fear and worry.

Often people with anxiety worry that they won’t be able to relax enough to get into hypnosis, but it’s such an automatic and easy process that it’s never been a problem.

I am a specialist in anxiety and have written for Glamour, Stylist, The Independant, Women’s Health, Marie Claire and the Huffington Post about anxiety. Having suffered with anxiety myself I know exactly how it feel and the best ways to overcome it.

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You can read over 55+ 5 star reviews of hypnotherapy for anxiety on my Google+ Page

“Gaining control of my mind has enabled me to start enjoying life again free from irrational worry and anxiety.  My only regret is not having tried hypnotherapy years ago! “~ Paul P, London. *Results may vary from person to person

Going to Chloe has been one of the best decisions ever. She has helped me to loosen some deep seated fears and to find a little bit more peace in every day. Chloe has made me a believer in hypnotherapy, for sure! Highly recommended. ~ Tegan B. *Results may vary from person to person

Having hypnotherapy with Chloe has been the best thing ever, and I recommend her and the process to anyone who suffers with anxiety. I now feel amazing, and I can safely say that Chloe has changed my world for the better! Totally blown away by the results! ~ Sam T. *Results may vary from person to person

Starting hypnotherapy with Chloe was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In the beginning, probably as every person, I was worried I might not be able to change and I was scared of failure. But I trusted Chloe completely and I still can’t believe how much progress I’ve made! I’m so much happier, calmer and healthier and I’m getting stronger and stronger every day. To say ‘thank you Chloe’ is definitely not enough! I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Chloe to anyone who is struggling with any kind of issues. I’m sure Chloe will be able to help. ~ Anna N. *Results may vary from person to person


Having suffered with the mental and physical symptoms of stress and anxiety for well over a decade, I was amazed at the results achieved from the sessions I had with Chloe. The process is completely personalised and tuned to your specific issues. As a therapist Chloe offered fantastic support and understanding to issues that had been around for many years. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ~ Matt H. *Results may vary from person to person


*Results may vary from person to person

A little worry or anxiety can be helpful if it genuinely helps us to solve a problem or spurs us into action. However, for many people, anxious thoughts and feelings  or worries can take over; thoughts can go round and round your head and make life a misery.

The sessions focussed on stress, anxiety and worry and I found Chloe friendly, professional and easy to talk to. This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and I was astonished when I noticed a change in my negative thinking habits literally on the way home. After two days, I felt completely calm and relaxed. ~ Olivia Ebeling, Journalist, London. *Results may vary from person to person

*Many of my reviews can be verified on my Google+ page

Most of my hypnotherapy for anxiety clients notice changes from around the first to third session. I offer a satisfaction guarantee. Although I don’t promise a perfect result, if you are unhappy with how the session went, you don’t pay.

Hypnotherapy offers an amazingly effective way of changing this for you. If you are not able to consciously rationalise your way out of an anxious thought, feeling or worry, it’s likely that it originates from a deeper level, the subconscious. And it’s at this level that hypnotherapy is effective.


 Chloe was absolutely amazing. I had some sceptical ideas towards hypnotherapy before we started, but even after just the first session I felt different. She’s fantastic at what she does, and she also really listens to you during the consultation too. I cannot recommend her enough…well worth it. ~ Nicola Watson, PR, London. *Results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy can help you to;

– Change unhelpful thought patterns

– Boost self confidence and reduce stress

– Help you to regain control over your mind

– Let go of the past

– Help you to stay more present, rather than worrying about the future or the past.

– Be more positive and optimistic

– Feel more relaxed, free and happy

Give me a call to discuss your issue and find out if hypnotherapy may be able to help you. I’m happy to answer as many questions as you need, and you are welcome to have either a phone assessment, or come in for a chat, before booking in and paying for a session.

Listening to everything I wanted to gain from our sessions and tailoring them to maximise the results each time, means she is by far the most professional and capable hypnotherapist I have seen (having seen 2 in the past).  I can confidently say I am no longer suffering and am making daily strides toward never feeling them again, all thanks to her approach. The outcome has been so positive I would not recommend anything but her sessions to overcome any issues you may have. Don’t be deterred by the whole Paul Mckenna fear, a lack of control or cost…these sessions will change ANY part of your life you want to change.

~ K Long, London. *Results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is not hocus pocus, or magic, but it really works at permanently helping you to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Don’t waste any more time with this issue!

Results from hypnotherapy are fast, usually only 6 sessions are required.


“I have to admit that I was sceptical when I came out of our session, as I didn’t really feel any difference in mood or temperament, however, I, and others, have noticed a real change; I am much more relaxed, it doesn’t even feel like an effort. One thing that I have always checked myself on is how tense my shoulders always seem to be and I have to relax them consciously, but since our sessions I find them already relaxed. I am also sleeping much better and my concentration is more focused” ~ Bobby S, London. *Results may vary from person to person

Chloe Brotheridge’s sessions have been incredibly helpful. Her manner is professional and caring. She really listens to you and uses the information you provide to make the hypnosis truly beneficial and individual. I would recommend her to anyone. Chloe will put you back on your path with a clearer head. ~ Alex McLean, Performer, London. *Results may vary from person to person

By Chloe Brotheridge