I specialise in helping people like you overcome IBS and it is a very common issue I see clients for. My techniques have proven successful time and time again. IBS is painful and inconvenient to say the least and can have a real, negative impact on your quality of life. Give me a call or book a free initial consultation at my London clinic to discuss how hypnotherapy could help you.


I had hypnotherapy with Chloe to work on the symptoms of chronic, long-term IBS. Chloe is a sensitive and empathic therapist who gave me the confidence to explore and talk through the potential causes of my IBS and recognise negative thought patterns, in a safe and relaxed environment. The process of hypnotherapy supported my understanding of the link between stress and physical well being which is an invaluable part of the recovery process. The hypnotherapy sessions and ongoing self -practice have given me more control over my IBS symptoms, thus making a significant improvement to the quality of my everyday life. Thank you Chloe! ~ Roxana, Teacher, London. *Results may vary from person to person

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I understand how painful, debilitating and plain inconvenient IBS can be. Hypnotherapy addresses all the root causes for your IBS using techniques that are scientifically proven to help. My background as a nutritionist means I am well equipped to help you to regain a healthy, balanced and calm digestive system. Studies have shown a 70-95% success rate for hypnotherapy and IBS.*

I decided to come to Chloe having suffered with IBS for about 4 years. I wasn’t sure if it would work but by that stage I was willing to give anything a try. To my relief, I could see positive changes happening in me by my third session. And after 6 sessions I’m pretty much IBS free. As Chloe says, it’s not a miracle cure and you have to work at it, but in the end it’s so worth it! Chloe is lovely and made me feel at ease from day 1.I’d definitely recommend Chloe to anybody who wants to make a positive change in their life. ~ Michelle P. *Results may vary from person to person

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NICE, the clinical governing body of the NHS recommend hypnotherapy for IBS as an effective treatment. The causes of your IBS can be as individual as you are, so whether it means addressing your diet, lifestyle or stress levels, hypnotherapy can help to give you freedom from the painful discomfort and inconvenience of IBS.


Irritable bowel syndrome treatment IBS treatment

Typically around 6 sessions are needed.

Hypnotherapy for IBS can help you by;

* Reducing your stress levels

* Helping you to make healthy food choices

* Helping your digestive system to run more smoothly and effectively

* Reducing pain and discomfort

* Releasing any ‘stuck’ emotions that you may be holding on to, in your stomach

Treatment for IBS with hypnotherapy is described by doctors as having an ‘amazing effect’  . Don’t put up with this debilitating issue any longer call me on 07977315063 to talk about how hypnotherapy can help you. My approach is caring and effective and I enjoy excellent results. My goal is to help you to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, working at the root of the problem to produce long lasting change. See my video on dietary and lifestyle advice for those with IBS.

I saw Chloe over 6 sessions to help with various digestive disorders that I’ve suffered with for many years. I’ve tried lots of different treatments from prescription medication, to acupuncture etc. Hypnotherapy is one of the only treatments I’ve had which really helped to reduce my symptoms. I started noticing a difference after 3 sessions and my IBS symptoms have almost gone. The sessions leave you feeling very calm and positive. I’ve seen a real difference in how I feel physically and mentally. As well as this Chloe is lovely – calm, soothing, professional but warm. I looked forward to our sessions. Highly recommended. ~ Clare M, London

Why more than 1/10 of us suffer with IBS

IBS can be caused by a number of reasons, and each person is different. Although no one is sure exactly what causes IBS, diet and lifestyle changes along with managing stress have been shown to help. During your hypnotherapy session, your own symptoms, eating habits and stress levels are taken into account to create a treatment plan especially for you. I use effective techniques to get results in the fastest time, with long lasting changes. Try hypnosis for IBS and see how much your life could change.

Through several sessions, Chloe helped me identify some significant areas in my life that were contributing to my overall feeling of ill health, and I have made positive choices as a consequence, which have impacted on my IBS and emotional health. After the first session I remember walking down Old Street feeling like I was walking on air, and that night I had the most deep and relaxed sleep I had had for months. My problems haven’t all gone, but thanks to the sessions, I can now have a more positive and relaxed attitude about things, and am more aware of how I am feeling on a subconscious level. The sessions were very emotional for me, I felt they “unlocked” a lot of things I had not confronted before, but Chloe was very professional, very supportive, and created the space for me to explore things. It changed my perception of hypnosis completely, and I would thoroughly recommend Chloe (in fact, I have!) ~ Victoria Goldsmith, London

hypnotherapy for IBS

Are you bloated? Uncomfortable? In pain?

I use a powerful combination of techniques to help you to;

* Make better food choices

* Deal with stress and anxiety more effectively

* Imagine your digestive system is running smoothly and comfortably; helping it to become a reality

* Free yourself from painful symptoms
*Whorwell PJ; Prior A; Colgan SM. Hypnotherapy in severe irritable bowel syndrome: further experience. Gut, 1987 Apr, 28:4, 423-5.
This report summed up further experience with 35 patients added to the 15 treated with hypnotherapy in the 1984 Lancet study. For the whole 50 patient group, success rate was 95% for classic IBS cases



By Chloe Brotheridge