Weight Management Online Programme

Are you tired of starting diets that are just too hard to stick to and leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed?

Do you dread swimsuit season, shopping for clothes or dressing up for parties, because you don’t feel confident with your size?

Does the thought of embarking on another punishing diet fill you with dread, because you’ve failed so often in the past?

This online hypnotherapy programme for weight management addresses all the reasons you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off in the past; from emotional eating, to food cravings, to motivation and your relationship with food.

The truth is, if you carry on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the same results.

In this programme you will:

  • Manage your weight without deprivation and stress
  • Feel more confident, healthy and attractive in your body
  • Learn to relax about food so you can eat in a natural, healthy way
  • Become free of having to think about food all the time
  • Transform your attitude towards exercise and super-charge your motivation
  • Feel more energised and confident

I’m healthier, slimmer and fitter than I’ve been in a long while, and feel a lot more committed to making healthy lifestyle changes than I did previously. | Donna, London

The hypnotherapy has supported my weight loss – I have lost just over a stone so far, but more than that it has really helped with my confidence.| Rachael

The programme consists of 10 hypnotic audio sessions, a weight management e-guide PLUS a bonus video session.

woman headphones sleep*In Order to download the MP3’s you’ll need a computer. If you just have an iphone or ipad you can stream the audios but you won’t be able to download them directly on to your device; it needs to go through itunes on your computer first.

Here are the audio sessions you’ll receive in this programme.

Body Sculpting – Mentally sculpt and create your ideal body.

Mindful Eating – Training your subconscious mind to eat mindfully and slowly while really enjoying your food. Feel more comfortable with being a little hungry and learn to stop when you’re full.

Control Room – Access the control room of your mind to reduce cravings and stress and increase energy, confidence and motivation.

Exercise Motivation & Confidence – Get the confidence, drive and motivation to exercise and feel great while you do it.

Future You – This audio will reprogramme your mind for positive habits and reaching your ideal weight. When we imagine ourselves doing the things we’d like to do and looking and feeling as we’d like to feel, the same areas in our brains are activated as if they were happening for real. This audio will help you to create the new neural pathways making great habits (and a trimmer body) second nature for you.

Self Care Booster -Take care of yourself in constructive and positive ways and reduce comfort eating. Change your relationship with food so that it is more positive in every way.

Person Who Loves You
– See yourself through the eyes of someone that loves you.

– Feel more confident in yourself.

Relaxation – Use this recording to calm your mind, switch off and relax.

Inner child – Give support and advice to your younger self to reprogramme negative beliefs that you took on board when you were young.

Bonus Video: The Emotional Freedom Technique to Abolish Food Cravings

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with your log in details for the programme. Then you’ll be able to download or stream the audio sessions from your computer or phone.

About Chloe Brotheridge

hypnotherapy london

After gaining a degree in Nutrition, I started my career as a nutritionist in the NHS, helping people to lose weight.

I soon realised the missing piece of the puzzle in weight loss were the psychological and emotional aspects of eating; so I trained as a hypnotherapist.

As one of London’s top hypnotherapists I’ve been featured in Glamour Magazine, Runner’s World Magazine and written for Stylist, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post and Get the Gloss.

I also see clients 121 in my City of London hypnotherapy practice.

Weight loss, freedom and confidence are just a click away – I can’t wait to welcome you to the programme!

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